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Exit Survey


The three-year Intertask Sustainability project Measuring, governing and gaining support for sustainable bioenergy supply chains[1] of the IEA Bioenergy has been established in January 2016 and has three objectives: 

  1. To provide an overview of calculation methods & tools to assess the sustainability of various biomass and bioenergy supply chains as well as discuss needs, possibilities and limitations of global, uniform/harmonized framework.

  2. To compare and assess the legitimacy, including effectiveness and efficiency of a variety of approaches on how to govern and verify sustainability of biomass and bioenergy supply chains in different conditions.

  3. To understand the positions and underlying motivations of stakeholder groups relative to their perceptions of bioenergy and inform dialogues/discussions to avoid misconceptions and gain trust in bioenergy

Objective 3 (O3) develops a methodology to identify stakeholders’ positions and involvements directly and indirectly in the (possible) bioenergy value chains. O3 working groups are expected to follow the methodological guidance to map relevant stakeholders in different case studies and at supra-national level as much as possible for the current situation, and the near term future (up to 2030). For this, four steps will be carried out:


      a. Identify
relevant stakeholders in different bioenergy value chains

      b. Communicate with stakeholders via questionnaires, interviews and meetings to understand their viewpoints, decisions and influences to the bioenergy value chains

Compare stakeholders’ positions, viewpoints and influence in different bioenergy value chains

      d. Provide recommendations on how to gain (further) support from stakeholders for sustainable bioenergy value chains management

You have been identified as a stakeholder, and the study team appreciate if you would respond to the questions on the next pages.

The general questions are designed for all stakeholders, while the specific questions are for those with more detailed knowledge of the bioenergy sector development.  If you have no opinion, please mark ”neutral”. 

Note: Within the questionnaire, we use the term sustainable bioenergy under the definition of sustainability[2], i.e. energy that meets the needs of the present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

The questionnaire is open from 1 April to 31 December 2017


[1] More information can be found at: http://itp2016b.ieabioenergy.com/

IEA BIOENERGY Intertask Sustainability Project - Measuring, governing and gaining support for sustainable bioenergy supply chains